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Xiaomi Mobile Phone Prices — Justifying Ultimate User-Experience

Everyone desires a smooth and hassle-free performance while using the internet on their smartphones. To experience this smooth and hassle-free browsing experience, you need to upgrade your mobile with a Xiaomi mobile phone.

Its logo "MI," which stands for "Mobile Internet," is known worldwide for its hassle-free performance experience. Basically, Xiaomi is an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT – Internet of Things. Xiaomi smartphones are ranked at 3rd position in terms of smartphone shipments since the fourth quarter of 2020. It is also one of the leading consumer AIoT platforms. They have around 324.8 million smart devices, including both smartphones and laptops connected to the platform.

Whether it is about the high-performance mobile phone or a budget-friendly one, Xiaomi mobile phones in Pakistan fulfills the needs of everyone. Xiaomi released its first smartphone in 2011, which gained notoriety in market share and became China's Largest smartphone company in 2014. Moreover, at the beginning of 2018, it appeared as the 4th largest smartphone company worldwide.

Xiaomi Mobiles in Pakistan and its Derivatives

Xiaomi itself is a top-performing mobile phone brand in Pakistan and all over the world. Along the side, the brand has two different sub-brands working under it and had to gain equal worth in the market. These two sub-brands of Xiaomi are Redmi and POCO. Of these two names, the best mobiles phones and the more popular one is Redmi as it features the latest hardware at an affordable price. Thus, it's quite difficult to enlist one single best mobile in Pakistan by Redmi, as all the Redmi mobile phones completely justify their price with outstanding user experience.

On the other hand, POCO is lining up the market with smartphones featuring ad-free UI, higher RAM, and flexible storage combinations. POCO mobile phones in Pakistan are an excellent combination of heavy gaming, online streaming, and multitasking that ensures superior performance. It is all because processors power these mobile phones from MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon. One of the best models from the POCO range we have is POCO F3. Due to the magnificent look and outstanding performance, the POCO F3 Price in Pakistan is nearly Rs. 65,999.

Xiaomi Mobile Phone Price in Pakistan: Starting Price – Most Expensive One

Xiaomi mobiles in Pakistan are available at different prices with variations in specification according to the price tag. The minimal price tag you can find of a Xiaomi mobile phone in Pakistan is Rs. 11699. Undoubtedly, we can say that Xiaomi Redmi Go is the cheapest smartphone with all the advanced features. Whereas the most expensive Xiaomi mobile phone in Pakistan cost up to Rs. 175999. If you have a deep pocket to afford a costly price tag and want your mobile upgraded with outclass user experience, then Xiaomi Mi 10 is the best option. Thus, these were the latest mobile prices in Pakistan, one the cheapest and the most expensive.

However, you don't need to have a deep pocket to enjoy the Xiaomi smartphone experience as there are some trending Xiaomi mobile models. So, without wasting a minute, check out the latest price updates of Xiaomi new models in Pakistan at Price92 and upgrade your current smartphone with Xiaomi new mobile model.

Trending New Models of Xiaomi in Pakistan with their Price Tags

As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi smartphone promises to provide an excellent user experience. So, each new mobile model of Xiaomi is featured with ultimate features that make users a great fan of Xiaomi Internet Life. Therefore, we've different Xiaomi mobile series with various features and specifications.

For instance, Redmi and Redmi Note series are recommended for entry-level, mid-range, and high-end smartphone users. At the same time, the Mi and Mi Note series in Pakistan are for the high-end and flagship lineups as they cost slightly higher than the Redmi phone for the premium experience they provide. So, here are three top-performing Xiaomi mobiles in Pakistan with a reasonable price tag.

Xiaomi POCO X3 PRO

This hi-tech smartphone comes with a big display screen of 6.67 inches. And huge storage capacity up to 256 GB as well as fastest RAM up to 8GB. Moreover, talking about the performance of the mobile, it is featured with a 5160 mAh battery. Furthermore, it captures creative photos with four cameras on the back, the main one of 48 MP and others of 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP cameras. The Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro price in Pakistan is Rs 47,999.

Xiaomi Redmi 9T

Another best performing mobile phone in Pakistan, we've from the Redmi series, i.e., Redmi 9T. It has a 6.53 inches display with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 6GB RAM. It also has four cameras on its back, the main one of 48 MP and others with 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP. Nevertheless, this Redmi series mobile phone beats POCO X3 Pro with a better battery timing as it packs a 6000 mAh battery. Xiaomi Redmi 9T price in Pakistan is Rs. 31,999.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Another performance winner is from the Mi series in Pakistan. Not all the mobile phones of the Note series are the costliest. Here we've got the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite which has a 6.55 inches large display and packs a 4250 mAh battery. Whereas the storage capacity of this Mi series mobile is 128 GB with 6GB RAM. Moreover, it has only three cameras on the back, the main one of 64 MP along with 8MP and 5MP cameras. So, thus, calculating the price tag according to the specifications Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite price in Pakistan is Rs. 43,999.