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Realme Mobile Phones for Mid Range and High-End Users in Pakistan

The Realme is a technology-based brand committed to being a trendsetting one since May 4, 2018. At the beginning of the year 2020, Realme announced its new strategy of "Smartphone + AIoT".

 And it was extremely liked by the users that by the mid of 2020, there were 35 million Realme phone users, and the sales record reached 1 million. Thus, in no time, Realme became the world's fastest-growing smartphone company and was able to make a stand between mainstream smartphone brands. Well, initially, it was a subsidiary of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers OPPO. Both mobile companies share their alliances, but their objectives and targeted audience are quite different from others. Realme mobile phones are equipped with top-notch line features and excellent quality hardware. All Realme mobiles are manufactured to provide customers a good-looking phone within an affordable budget. The entire range of Realme mobiles in Pakistan is built with great efforts to let users experience a high-end flagship phone. Being a new brand in the market, we cannot expect their phone prices in Pakistan to get lower as they improve day by day.  

Why are Realme mobiles famous?  

The main feature Realme mobiles are famous for is its clear front and back cameras. They capture excellent detailed finishing and color-rich pictures. Besides, with ample built-in storage capacity, you can expand the storage space of your mobile phone with an external memory card as well. Realme smartphones are powered with ample RAM for a smooth and fast user experience as a trendsetter in the market. These were the technical best features about the mobiles; Realme mobiles promise to be a complete package. Yes, along with these performance features, all Realme's new model mobiles have stylish exteriors and impressive screen sizes. So, your latest Realme mobiles are known to be cool, trendy, and unique.  

Extremely Budget Friendly Realme Mobile Prices in Pakistan 

Realme mobile prices in Pakistan are affordable without compromising on features. Their mobile prices in Pakistan are ranging from 15000 to 80000. Realme has launched around five mobile series, and all of them have been quite successful. However, Realme company is not just limited to mobile phones. It has launched a range of smart bands, earphones, and other accessories. The cheapest Realme mobile in Pakistan is the Realme C2 32GB for Rs. 14999. At the same time, the company has its high-end mobile phone Realme X3 Super Zoom for Rs. 79, 999. The top-selling Realme mobiles in Pakistan are new models of the Realme C series. The midrange series and Realme X series are considered high-end flagship ones. Compare mobiles in Pakistan's price, specs, and features at Price92 to make up your mind.  

Top Performing Realme Mobiles in Pakistan 

Realme Narzo 30A  

You might have seen this stylish Realme mobile model with many people in your circle. The 6.5 inches large display makes it elegant, and the 6000 mAh battery keeps the mobile charged for long hours. As mentioned, they are great selfie mobiles, it has two cameras on the back, with the primary camera of 13MP and another one of 2MP. All these high-end features make the Realme Nazro 30A price in Pakistan around Rs. 20,599.  

Realme 6 8GB

Another mid-range, top-notch performance mobile in Pakistan is Realme 6. The smartphone comes in a 6.5 large display and storage capacity of 128GB 8GB RAM. Plus, four cameras on the back, the primary 64MP, 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP. A long-lasting battery of 4300 mAh. Hence, making the Realme 6 8GB price in Pakistan – Rs. 41,999.  

Realme 8 Pro 

Realme 8 Pro is the best mobile at a reasonable price if you are fond of capturing high-definition photos. It has four cameras on the back, with the main one of 108MP, 8MP, 2MP, and 2MP. Now capture high-resolution images and view them all at a 6.4 inches large display. You can enjoy this professional camera phone, Realme 8 Pro price in Pakistan at only Rs. 47,999.

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