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Telenor Infinity E2 Price in Pakistan

Rs. 10,900
Infinity E2 price in Pakistan, previously available at Rs. 10,900 Take a look at Infinity E2 detailed specifications and features.
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Telenor Infinity E2 Price & Specifications

The Telenor Infinity E2 price in Pakistan is Rs. 10,900, giving an excellent mix of upgraded options and a stylish aesthetic..

Design and Display

The phone comes with an energy-efficient N/A large N/A display giving vibrant colors, and high contrast ratios paired with a full HD resolution of N/A pixels.


Run by the chipset, this Savvy and charming device Central Processing Unit (CPU). Other than its generous built-in internal storage, it comes with a seamless integration of RAM, which gives you a smooth performance and a satisfactory user experience for your everyday usage.

Battery and Charging

The best part about the Telenor Infinity E2 is that it has a robust N/A N/A battery that lasts longer for extended use. Its fast charging feature allows you to quickly refuel your mobile phone without having to deal with much hassle.

Operating & Wireless System

The Telenor Infinity E2 comes with an operating system that is also easily enhancable to the latest according to your needs. It caters to its users with wireless connectivity options that include ["N", "A", "N", "A"].


Telenor Infinity E2 is a perfect choice for those looking for a feature-packed, elegant, and user-friendly smartphone in a comparatively affordable price range. It offers a variety of features to stay ahead of the curve in the list of top mobile phones under Rs. 10,900 in Pakistan.


The Telenor Infinity E2 Price in Pakistan has proceeded from the reliable mobile phone vendor market to provide you with an accurate price. However, the prices may differ slightly or be compromised due to market consistency. The recent price of the Telenor Infinity E2 is Rs. 10,900.

Telenor Infinity E2 Detailed Specifications

Telenor Infinity E2 Body, Dimensions, & Weight
Telenor Infinity E2 Display Features
Telenor Infinity E2 Platform Information
Telenor Infinity E2 Memory Features
Telenor Infinity E2 Main Camera Specifications
Telenor Infinity E2 Front Camera Specifications
Telenor Infinity E2 Network Options
Telenor Infinity E2 Speaker
Telenor Infinity E2 Connectivity Options
Telenor Infinity E2 Features
Telenor Infinity E2 Battery Features
Telenor Infinity E2 Misc Features

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Telenor Infinity E2 User Feedback and Reviews in Pakistan

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Telenor Infinity E2 launch date in Pakistan is July 16, 2018.
Price92 makes it easier for you to compare the prices, features, and other specs of Telenor Infinity E2 with other just by following 2 simple steps.
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Telenor mobile prices in Pakistan vary with its specifications and features. The Telenor Infinity E2 price in Pakistan is Rs. 10,900.You can buy a Telenor mobile phone from any local store or ecommerce platform in Pakistan
To check the PTA approval status for Telenor Infinity E2,you can follow these steps:
1. Go to our PTA Tax Calculator.
2. Select the Telenor Infinity E2 from the list of available mobile models.
3. You will land on the page where you can instantly access information regarding the PTA approval status and applicable tax for Telenor Infinity E2.
If you have the IMEI number(s) of the Telenor Infinity E2,the easiest way to check its status is by sending an SMS with your IMEI number to 8484. Some other methods are using the PTA DIRBS portal and the PTA mobile app (DVS).