itel Vison 1 Price In Pakistan
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itel Vison 1 Price in Pakistan

Rs. 11,999

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itel Vison 1 Price in Pakistan


itel Vison 1 price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,999. The launch date of the latest itel Vison 1 is . It runs on operating system. This mobile phone has excellent internal specs, screen size, camera setup, battery timing, and mobile performance.


The itel Vison 1 has a minimalistic design approach. Its design reflects its commitment to simplicity and elegance. As it has a minimalistic approach, it lacks: 

  1. A rear camera 
  2. A selfie camera  

The itel Vison 1 PTA tax in Pakistan can be checked and verified using an online PTA tax calculator.

Price in Pakistan: Rs. 11,999

itel Vison 1 Detailed Specifications

Main Camera:
Selfie Camera:

itel Vison 1 Reviews

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is the launch date of itel Vison 1 in Pakistan?

itel Vison 1 launch date in Pakistan is September 19, 2020.

How can I compare itel Vison 1 with other mobile phones?

Price92 makes it easier for you to compare the prices, features, and other specs of itel Vison 1 with other just by following 2 simple steps.
1. Start by opening Price92 comparison page.
2. Add the phone you want to compare by browsing phone through the search bar on the right.

What is the itel Vison 1 Price in Pakistan?

itel mobile prices in Pakistan vary with its specifications and features. The itel Vison 1 price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,999.You can buy a itel mobile phone from any local store or ecommerce platform in Pakistan

Is itel Vison 1 PTA approved?

To check the PTA approval status for itel Vison 1,you can follow these steps:
1. Go to our PTA Tax Calculator.
2. Select the itel Vison 1 from the list of available mobile models.
3. You will land on the page where you can instantly access information regarding the PTA approval status and applicable tax for itel Vison 1.
If you have the IMEI number(s) of the itel Vison 1,the easiest way to check its status is by sending an SMS with your IMEI number to 8484. Some other methods are using the PTA DIRBS portal and the PTA mobile app (DVS).